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Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer Tools : What You Need to Know

Can you download Instagram stories from Instagram’s official site? Can you view the Instagram stories previously of your friend on the Instagram app? These are the questions that are asked mainly by Instagram users and lovers. But the answer to these questions is No! Because the Official Instagram site or app does not allow users to save images, download videos, and view previous stories of their friends. That is why Instagram users find these tools or apps that can help them to download videos, pictures, and view stories. So, dumpor is the best web application that enables Instagram users to allow them to download videos and images and view Instagram stories. In this article, you will see why dumpor is the best site or application for Instagram users. 

What is dumpor? 

Dumpor is a site or web application that allows Instagram users to view Instagram stories with other users. Why do Instagram lovers use Because Instagram does not allow downloading images and videos and viewing Instagram stories, that is why Instagram users dumpor. It is very simple to use to enter a username and password, and it allows you to view Instagram stories of anyone who you do not follow. On this dumpor, you can also view stories that have already been deleted. 

How does work? 

Almost one billion people use Instagram worldwide. Many people use it for fun and to view images and videos of friends and relatives there. And many are using it to do online marketing business and offline businesses. is the best web application that helps you to analyze your account in-depth, and it shows you where you need to improve and tells you your performance on it. Dumpor also gives awareness to your competitor in it. It means you which is your best content on those that get more likes, comments, and views. This way, dumpor works for Instagram users. 

How can Instagram users use dumpor Instagram? 

Using a dumpor is simple. There are simple steps for using it. Only you have to follow these. 

First, write on the google search engine. 

When you open it then, enter your username.

After entering the username, now you can select any Instagram profile which you want to know. 

You do not need to create an account on dumpor. Without having an account, you can view Instagram stories. This web app is very flexible in usage because it does not require an account to view Instagram stories. 

What are the features of dumpor Instagram story viewer? 

These are the best features of First, it allows users to use it freely and not charge any cost. The interface of dumpor is friendly to users, and Its graphic design is very high quality. You can download anything from it, and when you use it, it does not show to you on the web because it provides you with an anonymous feature. You know many Instagram user use tags, so dumpor also give you a feature to explore or discover #tags for Instagram. 

Is dumpor leaking your information? 

When you use the internet, there are many risks of leaking your information. But you do not worry while using dumpor because when you use it, it does not store your data there. So there is no chance of leaking information using 

How many times can you download on dumpor? 

Dumpor allows you to download unlimited images and videos on Instagram. You can view endless Instagram stories. 

Dumpor alternative 

There are many other sites and apps which you can use instead of dumpor. Such as Instastories, izoomYou, Installer, 4kstogram, stories, and stories grabs. These are websites and apps where you can quickly view Instagram stories, download images and videos, and view complete stories. 


Dumpor is the best web application to view unlimited Instagram stories and download images and videos. You can use it without having an account just to put your username, and it keeps your secret from other people when you see their profile and Instagram stories. It is free of cost, and it is safe because the dumpor does not store your data when you use it. You can use other sites and web applications instead of dumpor.


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