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Gramhir Instagram Story Analyzer and Viewer Tools in 2022

Did you try Gramhir Instagram and did not like it? Are you looking for an Alternative for Gramhir? There are many choices to choose from. We looked for the best alternatives and ended up with a consolidated list of the most feature-rich websites you can use instead of Gramhir. These come with all of the community features too. Before we talk about the alternatives, let us briefly describe Gramhir.


Gramhir is a tool that you can use to analyze and browse Instagram. It has a search bar that finds the searched Profiles and Hashtags. Gramhir Instagram contains a unique algorithm that helps you analyze your Instagram account in detail and match its performance with other profiles. You can upload a post and use the out-of-box Gramhir technology to predict the likes and comments the post may get. The Gramhir Instagram website has a feature that lets you view profiles, hashtags, followers, posts, locations, and stories without letting the other person know.


Now, let us look at the best alternatives to Gramhir.

Picuki is another general Instagram editor and viewer. You can use it to browse and edit Instagram profiles, stories, tags, followers, posts, and locations without a time constraint and free of cost. It is a very good Gramhir Alternative.

You can check your own or someone else’s posts, followers, and profiles that they follow. You can also use it to search for any Instagram hashtags. For example, you can search #happy or check the likes and comments mentioned below in any post. is a Gramhir Alternative you can use to view Instagram accounts and hashtags without creating an account. uses the Instagram API. Instagram does not endorse or certify this platform, though. You can enjoy watching Instagram posts and stories without creating an account. It also gives the search bar to search for the most popular users and hashtags.

Insta Story is a Gramhir Alternative dedicated to anonymously viewing stories. This app helps you to view and download Instagram photos and stories of public accounts. You can watch Instagram stories, IGTV videos, live stream videos, and also see the complete Instagram profile using Instagram Tool.

Dumpor is another Gramhir Alternative in the list of Instagram account analyzers and viewers. They have built an algorithm that gives you a chance to analyze your own or any Instagram account statistics. It also gives you access to the account rate that indicates the popularity of your Instagram account. 

Not only this, but you can also anonymously explore and keep an eye on your or someone else Instagram content. With statistics, you have a chance to discover Instagram profiles, hashtags, posts, followers, stories, locations, and more.

You also get the option to anonymously download Instagram photos, videos, and stories without paying any charges and for an unlimited amount.

Sarman Instagram Follower, Activity, Story Analyzer

Sarman Instagram Follower, Activity, Story Analyzer is a Gramhir Alternative that has features like follower and activity tracker. These features help you find who visited your profile, unfollowed you, and the person who blocked your account. The app helps you keep track of the activities of your friends and artists to find out the account they start following. You can track accounts that deleted your comments and unfollowed your account. Users can add their friends in the watch list section which monitors all of their activities on Instagram.

This app enables you to watch your friend’s Instagram stories in HD quality. You can also find who is watching your stories without following you. It helps you in tracking active and past stories with the number of views and seeing the people who never view your stories. Sarman Instagram Follower, Activity, Story Analyzer App has a set of impressive features that help you in tracking your lost followers, followers who deleted their comments, people who don’t follow you back, most liked/ commented posts, people who like all of your posts, and much more.

iAssistant for Instagram

iAssistant for Instagram is a virtual social media assistant Gramhir Alternative. It helps you get detailed reports about your Instagram followers, and check all the recent unfollows with the help of your mobile phone. Users can look for new blocks so that they can block as well as unfollow those users.

iAssistant Followers Analysis Fabcelebbio for the Instagram app is filled with features that enable you to view your account’s most popular story so you can repost it again and increase your reach which expands your fan following. It helps users to view their most loyal Instagram followers based on likes, shares, and comments so they can follow them back.


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