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Picuki is the Best Instagram Story Viewer and Profile Editor Tool

Do you ever listen to that save or download images from Instagram? Have you ever heard of anyone who found a video and saved or downloaded it from Instagram? Instagram is the best social media app, and most people like to use it. People use it because most famous people also use this social media platform, and some use it for business purposes. So, picuki Instagram is a website that allows instagram users to view Instagram stories, view Instagram posts and reels, and download images and videos. In this article, you will learn why people say picuki is the best Instagram viewer tool

What is Picuki’s Instagram? 

Picuki Instagram is the best online website or tool that allows or permits Instagram users to download or save all images and videos from Instagram. The best feature of Picuki is that you don’t need to register or login id while using it. If you want to download or save images and videos, then you have to put the id name of those pictures and videos on the search bar of Picuki. Another best feature of Picuki is that it allows you to edit images and videos and use various filters to make them more beautiful. 

How to use the Picuki Instagram app? 

There are many tools that you face difficulty with while using, but is very simple to use. So, here you will learn how to use Picuki step by step. Here are two methods: View photos from account search and View photos from hashtag search. 

Method One: Instagram  Account search. 

Just follow these steps to use the Account search method. 

    • First, copy the URL of the account into the Picuki search bar, then download Instagram photos from the picuki tool. 
    • Second, you can download Instagram, and it provides editable options. 
    • When you enter the picuki Instagram sites after it, you will see the website’s homepage. Now only you need to put the person’s Instagram account directly on picuki Instagram. 
    • Fourth, when you enter the account name of any person on Instagram, it will show you a list of these names and accounts. Then you have to choose an account where you want to see stories and download images and videos. For instance, I insert popular football star, Muhammad Salah. 
    • In this step, you need to click on your account on Instagram; then, you will see all pictures on your Instagram account and other images on the instagram account display. 
  • Finally, you will see all pictures and click on the photo to start downloading that image to the Instagram account. 

Method Two: Hashtag search method 

In the second method, you can view Instagram stories to download images and videos through Hashtag search. 

These are the steps of the Hashtag Search method. 

    • First, you have to open Picuki Instagram, then open the search window bar. 
    • Second, you should put Hashtags in the search icon. 
    • Third, click on the “Tags” option, which above shows the results. 
    • After it, you can see the hashtags list, so now you can see the results. 
  • After displaying hashtag results, now you can see photos from hashtags search. 

These are two methods of picuki Instagram through which you can view images, videos, and posts of anyone’s Instagram account. 

FAQs ( Frequently Asking Questions) 

Q1. Is picuki safe? Or Is picuki Instagram a legal tool? 

Many people ask questions before using picuki Instagram because they think it is illegal. So, when you open Instagram picuki, it does not show your existence while using it. It means picuki is an Instagram anonymous tool, and it is safe. 

Q2. Why do people use 

There are four reasons that people use picuki Instagram viewer tools. 

  • To search for famous people on it.
  • To view celecelebrities Instagram posts. 
  • It allows you to read comments on people’s posts. 
  • Picuki Instagram viewer helps you to write comments on the post and also to see other people’s profiles. 


Instagram does not provide services for downloading videos and images. So, many tools help you to view and download pictures. Picuki Instagram is one of the best tools that to use to view Instagram posts, to download images and videos. 


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