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How Do I Start a Limited Liability Company in the USA?

Choosing a state, Company registration in usa from india, incorporating the LLC, acquiring an EIN, and establishing a real US postal address are the most crucial steps. We’ve laid out a series of instructions below that will help you accomplish these goals.

In the United States of America, forming a limited liability corporation (LLC) is open to anybody who wants to do so, regardless of whether they are citizens or based in the country. A limited liability company (LLC) can be formed in the United States by foreign nationals or by foreign corporations.

You may do all of this on your own with the aid of our guidelines, or you can hire an international US business service that will take care of everything for you, such as opening a bank account, maintaining a US address, forming an LLC, obtaining a registered agent, and filing US company taxes.

Simply choose a state

You should create your limited liability company in a tax-free state so that you may focus on paying the federal government instead of many local governments.

However, if you need to establish a physical presence in a certain state, such as by opening an office, you will need to register your business as a limited liability company (LLC) in that state.

Consider if you will have a physical office or presence (workers or a job site) in the state before deciding where to register your US LLC.

Name Company, Limited Liability Company

Names for limited liability companies must adhere to varying standards depending on the state in which they are formed. The word “Limited Liability Company” (or its abbreviation) must be in your company name. Your limited liability company’s name can’t sound like a government department. We advise you to look into registering a web domain using your company’s name. You should get the domain name even if you have no immediate plans to set up a website for your business.

Use a Registered Agent

Having someone else handle the delivery and receipt of important legal documents on your behalf is what a registered agent is for.

An LLC’s registered agent is a government official who is required to be listed by law in the majority of states. Your company’s registered agent must either physically reside in, or be a corporation registered to do business in, the state in which your company is incorporated.

Acquire an EIN

An EIN, or tax ID, is required for your limited liability company. US tax preparers in India are also an important task to make the things easy.

The application for an EIN does not necessitate a US Social Security number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or even a US mailing address.

An EIN can be applied for online through the IRS, but non-resident business owners also have the option of submitting an application through fax or mail.

Obtain a Real, a Mailing-Safe, US Address

Opening a bank account and forming an LLC both require a physical presence in the state of your choice.

If your company needs a U.S. postal address, one option is to set up shop in the state where it will be incorporated and operated.

However, a US mailing address in the state where your LLC is registered is required even if a physical office is not required.

Get a U.S. Bank Account

Your first order of business in the United States should be opening a bank account there.

The ability to do business in US dollars and make cheap cross-border deposits and withdrawals are just two of the many advantages this provides to LLCs with foreign ownership.

When registering a business, may I use the same name and address as the business itself?

Though theoretically possible, most foreign business owners will find this approach impractical. This only works if someone is at the business address during all regular business hours to accept and send legal paperwork from the government. If not, you should get the help of a registered agent agency.


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