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How to Can You Profit from Google’s Universal Search?

I was browsing the web for some reactions to Google’s Universal Search, their new service that will mix Web sites, images, news, video and other results on the search engine result pages (SERP).

To me, implementation of this universal search feature meant, that getting higher rankings for websites would become more difficult.

As a consequence, I thought it would be rewarding to create other attractive items like videos, news items and pdf-files.

Another effect would be more PPC marketing, which is absolutely great for Google.

Another thought that crossed my mind was the contextual nav bar. I’m sure Google tested that one thoroughly, but would it really work?

I wondered what others thought about all this.

Of course, I first went directly to the source:
Universal search: The best answer is still the best answer (is that true?)
Taking advantage of universal search
Behind the scenes with universal search,
but as it says near the end of the last article: ‘it’s just a tip of the iceberg’.

Donna Boating of ZDnet isn’t positive: SEM Beware: Google deals blow to search engine marketing.

Pandya SE News tries to turn it all into an advantage: How to survive Google Universal Search ranking wise.

The most interesting post I found (and why doesn’t this surprise me) came from Danny Sullivan: Google 2.0: Google Universal Search. A very interesting article on vertical searches.

Temporary conclusions of the implementation of Universal Search: good for searchers, for marketers and seo experts who paid attention to the new developments and good for Google and their shareholders.

By the way, Google is always experimenting with search engine results. To view them, click the Experimental Search link at Google Labs.

And, at Google Trends, a new feature was implemented to show a list of current top-rising searches! Case


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