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Kids Run For The Finish Line In New Guinness World Record Attempt

Thousands of children in the UK and Ireland are under starter’s orders for a huge Guinness World Record attempt.

The 2021 Tesco Great School Run aims to subscribe- up half a million seven to 11- time- histories, to partake in a series of coordinated two- kilometer fun runs at seminaries across the UK and Ireland on Thursday 21 June, smashing last time’s record.
Last Time Marathon World Champion and World Record Holder, Paula Radcliffe, started the world’s largest contemporaneous handling event, in which over children crossed the finish line, securing a new Guinness World Record for the ‘ Largest Simultaneous Walk or Run ’.

The preamble to the record- breaking race starts moment with the launch of an instigative designed to give preceptors, parents and children further information and running tips.
The Tesco Great School Run is a fun event designed to encourage children to suppose further about healthy eating and support preceptors and parents in the fight against nonage rotundity, icing that sport and recreational exertion are regularly enjoyed among children at Key Stage II position.
Debra monuments, Head of Commercial Responsibility at Tesco, said” We were overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response to last time’s Tesco Great School Run, which secured a brand new Guinness World Record.
“ This is one of the numerous schemes we run to get children and their families agitated about sport and leading healthier, more balanced societies. With rising rotundity situations across the UK, now, further than ever, it’s time to educate immature people to get active as part of a healthy life.
“ We ’re truly important looking forward to this time’s programme, erecting on the success of last time. hear out for further news, as we will be publicizing some instigative new exertion for seminaries to get involved with truly soon! ”
The action has the backing of Sport England and Edexcel and aims to convert preceptors and education chiefs to make sure that sport and exercise figure high on the academic program.
sharing seminaries can download a five- week programme of physical and classroom exertion from the new website, and will admit a pack containing all the paraphernalia they will need to help run their race day.


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