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VIBGYOR High Celebrates Their First Annual Day

VIBGYOR High celebrated their first annual day with much fanfare . The fun filled event titled as the Grand Odyssey was held at the VIBGYOR High School, Amphitheatre at NIBM – Corinthian road on Saturday 17th March

The Grand Odyssey showcased entertainment together with creativity and innocence which was performed by talented and enthusiastic students from the Playgroup till Grade VII.

The event in a nut shell was the odyssey that began by taking one into the magic land of fluttering butterflies, magic trees (that speak), smiling flowers and bugs. This further took you to the odyssey’s next stop which is a sandy sea-coast, where a storm threatened to disrupt the holiday mood. However, a Beatles immortal “yellow submarine”, beckons all to the aquamarine depth of the sea, threatened by an empowering octopus. It was a celebration of unity as the danger is brushed aside and the odyssey shifts to tribal land.

The highlight of the event, the entire event was hosted by the children of the age group of 14 Grade VII.

Speaking on the occasion Rajshree Nambiar VIBGYOR High Pune, principal said, “This entire concert is the tireless efforts of the staff and students together. Their enthusiasm and interests for this event is truly appreciated. The Grand Odyssey has also been a great platform for students as it encourages them to be a part of extra curricular activities. Besides, an event like this boosts their confidence and helps them develop their personalities as individuals too”
Also present on the occasion were the trustees of VIBGYOR High Rostom Kera Wala and Robinson Varina.
Talent in small packages!

About VIBGYOR High:

VIBGYOR High was started by the team of academic and corporate professionals sharing a common vision of providing holistic education in a stress free environment with International standards & rich cultural leanings.
Present in Pune, Mumbai, Vadodara and Bangalore, VIBGYOR schools are meant to be an ideal place for children incorporating learning through fun, building on intrinsic skill sets and application based wisdom. At VIBGYOR High, the aim is to make education an ever-evolving process where children first imbibe the guiding principles and then create a path involving lifelong learning.

Our curriculum philosophy is unique and different. Through the theory of Multiple Intelligence, the school taps the learning style of each child that goes beyond logical & linguistic skills & uses it to provide an optimum learning environment. The curriculum is comprehensive, practical and emphasizes the importance of experimenting and experiencing during the formative years.
Inclusive education, individual attention, highly qualified and trained teachers who have the aptitude and right attitude, an open door policy, Sports & Performing Arts curriculum integrated with in-classroom learning are some of the key differentiators that sets VIBGYOR High apart.
Recently, VIBGYOR High became the member of International Schools Association (ISA). ISA, the senior most organization in the world of international education, promotes a curriculum framework for Peace Education and Sustainable Development Through this membership, VIBGYOR High will find opportunities for all the communities of the school, especially the students and teachers to experience and learn from the various services and projects of ISA.


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