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MindLeadersUK Introduces Interactive e-Learning Development Programs

Understanding your goals and realizing your business potential is a major part of running a business. Implementing development programs to help you achieve these goals is where the challenge lies. Whether it be motivating and retaining staff, introducing leadership development, or embracing emerging technologies, MindLeadersUK will assist you in achieving your ambitions.

Deciding how to develop your employees is one decision that will greatly affect the day to day running of your business and also benefit you in the long run. Every company will agree that there are always areas within the business that need improvement, but what needs to be addressed first?

It does not seem to matter which industry you are in, there is always one constant – employees; catering e-Learning to their individual needs seems like an easy answer to ensure productivity and retain staff.

MindLeadersUK have spent time researching company goals and various areas of staff development. From the results gathered, there seemed to be a constant trend in particular areas.

  • MindLeadersUK can help you to:
  • Grow Business
  • Satisfy Staff
  • Support Management
  • Embrace Technology
  • Get Certified

Develop Personal Skills

What does your company need to develop a successful e-Learning program?

Thriving companies rely on great management. The implementation of any staff development schedule, whether it is across an entire company or in one department, needs the support of leaders who will motivate and challenge staff. Although e-Learning is designed to let Users take their individual learning upon themselves, Management can keep track of staff progress by running reports on course usage and scores. Management, as well as Users, can monitor achievements and set goals to enable increased job-based skills and/or personal development.

In order to increase staff productivity, they must be able to perform to the highest level possible and the way to ensure this is to make the most up to date resources available. Giving staff access to appropriate course wear will channel their skills to their current working environment.

In short, to make sure staff are getting the most out of their e-Learning courses, they will need:

  • Support from Management
  • Ability to track Performance
  • Appropriate Course wear
  • Regular Updates

    “In today’s increasingly mobile and flexible business environment, e-learning supports tailored, ‘just-in-time’ learning that can be accessed quickly, widely and cost-effectively by staff regardless of where they are and their hours of work.
    The electronic delivery and support of formal training has been shown to make a significant contribution to staff productivity and motivation.”

    Laura Overton – e-skills UK

    With nearly 25 years of experience Mindleaders UK is a performance-improvement company, specializing in technology-based, self-paced e-Learning. Our e-Learning courses cover a wide range of topics that will appeal to any business sector, from networking in an enterprise environment, to personal use of a PC.

    If you would like further information regarding our products or services, please visit our website Alternately we can be contacted on 0845 880 3100 or via email at [email protected].


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