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The Worst Thing You Can Do in Social Networking

Every time I give a presentation I am asked “Michele, what is the most important thing to do when getting involved in Social Networking( or as some people call it Social Media)?”

YOUR MINDSET! Now, I can hear some of you saying Michele we already know this…we are suppose to have a good mindset, a success mindset yea yea yea…BLAH BLAH BLAH…so why is it then when I go Listen I continue to hear and see a “lack mindset”.

I know you are going down the path crooked when you ask first thing “How does this make me money?” **(Big HINT here, almost EVERYONE asks that)**

Here is your invitation, instead of focusing on what you can “GET OUT of Being There” or “It’s so time consuming”-that is focusing on what you do NOT want and it will get you that result every time…instead focus on what you can do for others.

Here is what that would look like-Friday first thing meditate and do your 10/10 (if you are not sure what these are tweet me)
Then take your weekly list (you have one right) and go visit that day’s blogs you will comment on then tweet and facebook to your friends ONE good thing you got out of each of those posts.
Then write, record (audio or video) your own post, upload, tweet-facebook-linkedin and ping.
Email 5 people you have met this past year and share a story of something you uncovered and how you created a win form it and then ask them what has been their wins this year.
WHEN you do this daily you will build a following of people who see you as a Giver, someone who cares about THEM and they will be happy to support you when you ask for their help.


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