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Windows 8 – Features and Specifications

The upcoming version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 8 features an innovative metro style interface which is especially designed for touch-screen input. It has a support from ARM processor architecture, as well as x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD. The server counterpart of this latest operating system is codenamed as Windows Server 8. In June 2011, the technology giant unveiled Windows 8, along with some of its features at Taipei Computex 2011 in Taiwan, and at D9 Conference in California. The feature that was highlighted was its new user-interface.

Some amazing features of Windows 8:

Windows 8 will be available for even chips in tablets and handsets, along with laptops and personal computers. This means that all devices can support the same version of the operating system.
The latest operating system is really a breakthrough when it comes to passwords. This feature is essential particularly to touchscreens and tablets that require you to enter complex and long passwords. Windows 8 will allow you to use pictures and gestures for authentication. This means, the users can select a picture and gesture on that picture; for example taping a particular area, circling an object or drawing line between any two points, as password.
Windows 8 offers two options: refresh and reset. The refresh will allow you to re-install windows, retaining your personal settings and data, whereas reset will delete all your settings or data, and resets the operating system to the initial stage. This is an important advantage over previous versions like Windows Vista and Windows XP whereby the speed of OS was slowing down with the usage and time.
Usually we all get annoyed by those warnings regarding updates and the laptop needing to restart. With Windows 8, all updates are consolidated at one single date. The updates wait till month’s security release, which means just one computer restart for a month.
If you have many file transfers going on, this operating system will consolidate all of them into a single display popup, with detailed view.
Moreover, Windows 8 operating system incorporates a new boot process known as Secure Boot, which will ensure that the OS does not get affected by any kind of malware.


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